Freshaweb is created to increase your Facebook’s engagement and traffic.

Freshaweb is a hand-curated content service designed to save time for business owners, marketers and individuals. We are a social media tool that automate the process of content marketing and publishing.

We look for the best and most interest content from trusted online sources, then we publish them to our user’s Facebook Pages according to the relevant topics chosen by our users.

It’s very easy to become a user. simply sign up for an account, tell us the interest topics that are related to your Facebook Page audience and decide how many posts we should create for you each day.

Our service helps numerous businesses to increase online engagement while saving time and money on content creation.

The more relevant and interesting posts your Facebook Page publish, the better the engagement and followers you will get. Our mission is to be the best choice for outsourcing content creation.

We are here to help. If you have a question about our service, please contact us today.

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Fresh content comes online all the time. Our automated system tracks them down and only the best content is made available for posting. 

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“Having Facebook content curation on autopilot has made so much more time for me to focus on other part of my business, bless this service and thank you!

Joe Sawyer


“Searching and deciding on Facebook content was so stressful before, now I just focus on the post directly relating to my service and let Freshaweb do the rest.

Damien Munier



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