How We Help You

Let Us Do The Work For You!

It can be time-consuming and tiresome to keep a Facebook Page fresh with content, now you can offload this process to us! our service delivers quality and consistency that you can rely on.

Local Business Pages

It’s hard to please a following by just posting sales and promotions. Our service can fill in the gaps with relevant and interesting content on your page and put your brand at the forefront of being the industry leader.

Organization And Institution Pages

Bring some vibrancy and fascinate your audience with curated content. Curated content are so diverse that they tend to encourage more likes and comments, increasing engagement rate for your page.

Brands And Product Pages

Share more things that they are interested in and are relevant to your customers with curated content. Our service can help increase your posting frequency and bring your brand closer with your audience.

Curated Content Delivered To Your Facebook Page Everyday

Make your Facebook standout by offering more value to your followers through content curation. Stop wasting time getting it done on your own and let us handle this time-consuming work! Our Auto Content Curation takes care of the curation to the publishing process, saving you time to attend to more important things like working on your business. Each piece of content is hand-curated by our team. With hundreds of interest categories for you to mix and match from, you can be certain that we will always be something interesting to share with your Facebook followers.

You Select The Topics

Over 400 Topics To Choose From!

No matter how niche the focus of your Facebook Page is, we got you covered! Select from a list of hundreds of topics. How many to choose will depend on the plan you go with. Contact us if you want the full list of topics available.

We Curate the Content

Curated Manually By Our Team

We have a team that manually review and curate the content each day. We have worked out a list of guidelines each content pieces must meet for our reviews. Any content that does not meet this guideline is left off from our curation process.

Post Automatically Published

Fresh Content Everyday

We gather the freshest content based on a list of relevant topics that you choose. We post everyday and each post will look just like as if it was posted by your team.

Available 'round the Clock

Fresh content comes online all the time. Our automated system tracks them down and only the best content is made available for posting. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed

By signing up, you can be sure that your Facebook Page will be updated with interesting content every single day. Your audience will love our content!

Cancel Anytime

We offer monthly and yearly plans. Sign up for as long as you like what we are doing for you!

“Having Facebook content curation on autopilot has made so much more time for me to focus on other part of my business, bless this service and thank you!

Joe Sawyer


“Searching and deciding on Facebook content was so stressful before, now I just focus on the post directly relating to my service and let Freshaweb do the rest.

Damien Munier



Sign up, select the topics, and done.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you send content to my Facebook Page or Group?
When signing up, we’ll ask you for your Facebook Page or Group name/URL. When you receive a notification from us requesting to join your page, you must set us as an Editor in order for us to access the ability to publish the post for you. Not to worry, send out curated post is all we will do. And you can always remove us if you ever want to remove our ability to post on your page.
How do you assure the quality of the curated content?

We have a team that manually review and curate the content each day. We have worked out a list of guidelines each content pieces must meet for our reviews. Any content that does not meet this guideline are left off from our curation process.

Where do we find all the content?

We have a number of ways to collect the content. Aside from the content that our team finds from different parts of the internet and then thoroughly review every day, We also work with other affiliated content networks for the freshest and most interesting written content from industry experts. We manually review all content ahead of time so you can feel confident that quality comes with each curated post.

Do you work with other social networks?

We are working on getting this to work on LinkedIn and Twitter as well. If you have any suggestions, please let us know.

What languages are available for the content?

Currently, we only have content available in English.

When will you be charged?

Charges are collected as soon as you sign up. 

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, you may cancel at any time. Just send us an email to let us know of your cancellation and it will happen within 72 hours. Please note that payment is non-refundable, so if you have already paid for the month then half way through you decide to cancel, no refund will be provide for the remainder of the month.

Is it really automatic?

Yes. As soon as you sign up and before the automation begin, you must complete two things: 1) provide the list of topics you want us to curate, 2) provide your Facebook Page’s name or URL so that we can be added as an ‘Editor’. Shortly after these are completed, you will begin to receive automated posts.